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About Us

Since 2006, Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) of Ocean County, an independent non-profit, has served as a voice in the courtroom for abused and neglected foster children. We recruit and train concerned citizens to serve as a CASA volunteer. By meeting with the child’s family members, doctors, teachers, and foster parents, the CASA volunteer ensures that the judge in the family court system is aware of all the facts to make the best determination for the child’s future.

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Educational Foundation

Making sure children get a proper education is one of our top priorities

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Emotional Support

We provide the emotional support these children need to be happy and healthy

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Medical Attention

We ensure every child has the proper medical care and attention they deserve.

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A child is abused every hour in New Jersey, and in Ocean County.

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More than 700 children have been removed from their homes in Ocean County due to abuse and neglect.

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There are 16 independent CASA programs serving each of New Jersey’s counties.


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Want to help the children of Ocean County? CASA works with children, who have been victims of:

– Physical Abuse
– Emotional Abuse
– Sexual Abuse
– Extreme Poverty

If you are interested in becoming a CASA advocate, please contact the office at: 732-797-0590 or email Ariane Yazdan, Executive Director, ariane@casaofoceancounty.org.

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