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Imagine If…

There are a million ways to finish that sentence and at the Creativity Studio, the plan is to inspire children of all ages to uncover hidden talents and encourage them to find their own voice.

This is why the Creativity Studio and CASA are so well matched!

CASA provides a voice for Ocean County’s abused and neglected children, the children in foster care. We pair children with a volunteer who advocates for that child, supports them the entire time they remain in foster care and makes sure they know that there is someone out there just for them. CASA speaks for the child and Creativity Studio inspires our children to find their own voice. This is why a partnership with CASA of Ocean County and Enspirited Projects’ Creativity Studio are a perfect pair.

The Creativity Studio provides the tools to inspire a child. They are offering the children of CASA a chance to express themselves through art, theater and so much more.

Sponsor Imagination

We need you to help our volunteers speak for the child by sponsoring a class, workshop or supplies needed for a child in foster care to attend the Creativity Studio.

‘Oh the places you’ll go…’

by Dr. Seuss is one of our favorite quotes.  There is no limit to imagination and it can take you anywhere.  Every child should be inspired to dream.

The over 700 children in Ocean County’s foster care system often feel trapped by circumstance and uncertainty.  We want them to know that imagination can take them anywhere but we need you to help them get there.

Will you help CASA and the Creativity Studio bring the joy of imagining to our most vulnerable children?

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